Volume:4, Issue: 3

Dec. 15, 2012

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A Letter to the Readers
Tsyrlina-Spady, Tatyana [about]
Dear friends, colleagues, faithful readers, and new visitors to our website: I am happy to inform you that the journal is steadily growing, and the number of those who is curious about Russian and American educational heritage and present day issues is over 25,000 which is an achievement by itself. Though we have a few “blank spots” on the map – in parts of South America and Africa – but 114 countries send us readers which keeps our hopes high and helps to create meaningful plans for the future. At the risk of sounding too enthusiastic, I still believe that this journal issue is very special in terms of its emotional strength, quality of articles, expertise of authors, and the overall importance of the topic. You would be wrong to conclude that we are going to discuss Russian school reforms, new State Educational Standards, or Unified State Exams, though we do not deny their significance. In contrast, we are trying to touch upon deep and subtle layers of character formation and moral education of our youth, allude to the mystery of human nature, and present the topic which was for a long time avoided in Russian society, and until recently, never discussed in Russian schools. I am sure, you got the clue – we are talking about the Holocaust and Holocaust education.

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