Volume:4, Issue: 3

Dec. 15, 2012

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Exploring Difficulties in Teaching Holocaust Education, and an Explanation of Classroom Practices to Overcome These Difficulties
Boyer, Eric S. [about]
Holocaust education is an education rooted in life. It is an education critical to an understanding of what it means to be alive and part of a humanity that seeks to make sense of its place within the larger historical framework. The website created by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum cites ten reasons why the Holocaust should be an integral part of any social studies curriculum, and they are all rooted in the notion that to help us all make sense of this watershed moment in history, we must begin with an understanding of what it means to be human, and more broadly, what it means to be moral within an increasingly diverse and multi-cultural humanity. Reason number eight for studying the Holocaust stated by the website is that “Thinking about these events can help students to develop an awareness of the value of pluralism and encourages acceptance of diversity in a pluralistic society” (www.ushmm.org/education).

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