Volume:4, Issue: 3

Dec. 15, 2012

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Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center
Kennedy, Ilana Cone [about]
I work at the Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center in Seattle (http://www.wsherc.org/). My daily language consists of the most obscene of numbers of concentration camps, death, suffering, and incredible personal miracles. I am just beginning my tenth year as the director of education. When I tell people where I work, I am often met with looks of pity or silence, and then a change of subject. “Isn’t that depressing?” is the most frequent question I receive. Until recently, I would answer that I am inspired daily by the educators with whom I work. The teachers in our schools who teach this subject — a subject that is not required or mandated — are creative, insightful, and motivated. Ten years later, I am only more impressed by their efforts and determination. However, my answer to the question has changed. The gravity of the Holocaust — of any and all genocides — is severe. The depth of human suffering is beyond description. This tragedy did not end in 1945, but continues in the survivors’ memories, in their children, and in new generations of survivors of more recent genocides. As I type this, there are at least four places in the world on the brink of genocide. No one should suffer so extremely at the hands of another person or group of people. No one.

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