Volume:4, Issue: 3

Dec. 15, 2012

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There is no future without the past (sharing Holocaust-related educational experience)
Arkhipova, Victoria A. [about], Arkhipova, Victoria A. [about]
Yekaterinburg City Comprehensive School No.167 (Municipal Budget Educational Institution) is implementing the “School as a Tolerance Territory” project aimed at shaping such vital personality qualities as tolerance in present-day students. In our opinion, it is tolerance that enables us to prevent a recurrence of tragic events of World War II. We have created our own model of developing tolerance in our students and we managed to fill in every component of the school system with these ideas and practices. We are talking about three main “building blocks” of any educational system: instruction, character formation, and personality development. The program successfully involves all participants of the educational process – students, teachers and parents, as well as various public institutions cooperating with our school. Since the start of the project, we have accumulated extensive experience of curricular and extracurricular activities related to tolerance-competence development and Holocaust education, some elements of which are presented in this paper. As we prepare for and commemorate the Holocaust Memorial Day, the school holds special classes, lectures, debates, screenings of documentary and feature films followed by discussions, and extracurricular activities.

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