Volume:6, Issue: 2

Sep. 1, 2014

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Developing Baccalaureate Programs in Russia: Issues of Psychological-Educational Nature
Polyakov, Sergey D. [about]
Russian higher education undergoes transition towards the two-tier system of undergraduate (baccalaureate) and graduate studies. For some higher educational institutions such a model has already become customary while most universities are still in the beginning of the way. The distinguishing features of baccalaureate studies as a system as seen in Russia are as follows: (1) A different ratio of lectures versus group classes (discussion sessions) compared to the traditional or habitual order for teachers and students. (2) A different way of knowledge assessment (in credits and ratings). (3) An introduction of self-study as part of the curriculum with the amount estimated in academic hours. As any large-scale modification of the social system, this process goes along with a great number of questions and difficulties.

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