Volume:6, Issue: 2

Sep. 1, 2014

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How to Develop a Humanistic Position of a Future Teacher
Lipkina, Nina G. [about]
Russian education today faces the change of values. If the school of the past focused on the transmission of large amounts of knowledge, a modern school is oriented towards the identity of the student as a subject of education and development, whose main objective is the search for meaning in life and for one’s self-determination. These circumstances dictate the necessity of significant changes in training future teachers. The formation of students’ humanistic positions, development of teachers who can be facilitators, who do not only possess knowledge and skills of how to organize an educational process, but also share a firm belief in the value of every human is now an urgent goal of university education. Any facilitator should possess five abilities or arts (the art of understanding; the art of respect; the art of assistance and support; the art of negotiation, and the art of being own self), which make him/her capable of becoming a friend with a child and a teacher in the highest sense of the word. A facilitator is the one who is able to create conditions for cooperation with children, to detect their problems and find ways of solving them together.

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