Volume:7, Issue: 2

Aug. 1, 2015

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Supplementary education and its role in creating a character-building environment in the social community
Alieva, Lyudmilla V. [about]
Today, Russian system of education is characterized by an increased importance of social education that can provide an individual with a core set of values while enhancing the process of his/her development as a personality. The priority of social education in the currently reforming system of education is stipulated in the new Federal Law "On Education in the Russian Federation" (2012). In general, the system of supplementary education plays a special role in our country. This role could be explained by the national history as well as by a social and educational necessity to develop, by means of expanding an educational environment, young people’s civil and cultural formation. The system of supplementary education is based on specific activities (individual and collective, labor and intellectual, culturally and socially important), which consolidates teaching, self-education, social education, and purposeful character building. This environment is aimed at shaping a genuine human being with new qualities, competencies, subjective statuses, roles, and positions while involving him/her in educational and community-based activities. The specific nature of supplementary education for children (understood as the afterschool education rather than additional teaching after regular classes) implies a special subsystem of a life-long, open, state and public education and character building of children and youth.

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