Volume:9, Issue: 2

Sep. 30, 2017

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Challenges for Modern Teachers in the Classroom
Hartley, Nicole D. [about]
Modern educators have many obstacles to work through with students in their classrooms. The biggest challenge for teachers today is the amount of conflicting views on what is most important for students in the classroom. There is pressure to connect with each student individually, differentiate for all needs, and prepare students for standardized testing while battling students’ reliance on social media and disinterest in the subject being presented. It seems impossible to reach all of these needs in the classroom. Bringing diversity into the classroom provides a greater opportunity for students to grow in their learning, but also brings challenges for teachers to reach all of those students. This is important for the educational community to be aware of these challenges. The combination of these stresses could lead to teacher burnout, especially a young teacher such as myself. I want to be aware of challenges that I will be presented with so I can find ways to adapt my strategies to be more effective. The following sections will highlight the main challenges I see for modern educators in the classroom.

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