Volume:9, Issue: 2

Sep. 30, 2017

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Improving Student Participation and Achievement Through Increased Teacher-Parent Communication: Implications for a Middle School Teacher
Reid, Carmen [about]
21st Century Teachers face numerous challenges in their classrooms. Every student that walks through our door is unique. They come from different cultures, different family structures, and different ideologies regarding academia. As educators, we have the challenge of acknowledging these differences and then finding a way to incorporate them into our classroom environment for its betterment. As Tolstoy observed, The best teacher is one that can instantly recognize what is bothering a student. This ability in turn gives a teacher the knowledge of the greatest possible number of methods; the ability to invent new methods; and above all-rather than the blind adherence to one method- the conviction that all methods are one sided, that the best possible method is the one that answers best of all the possible difficulties incurred by the student. This is not a method, but an art and a talent (Tolstoy, 2000).

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