Volume:6, Issue: 2

Sep. 1, 2014

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Pyotr Kapterev as a Pioneer of Russian Education
Boguslavsky, Mikhail V. [about]
When I reflect on the development of higher Russian education and the type of people who made it happen, I clearly understand that there was one among many who could be called, with all rights, the Father of the Russian Higher Teachers’ Training Education. The name of this person is Pyotr Fedorovich Kapterev (1849-1922). His educational activities, which lasted for over half a century represent an example of remarkable service towards one’s Fatherland - Russia, towards its professional education, its teachers, and children. Kapterev was the type of person who would do everything very substantially and with the highest results possible. We have all the reasons to assume that he was a creator of the Russian Theory of Education. This assumption becomes clear after reading his fundamental works such as, “Educational Psychology”, “Educational Process”, “Didactic Essays”, and “History of Russian Education”. These books – innovative for their time – remain to this day the educational treasures created by this Russian thinker; they remain in demand among current professors of education and educational psychology. It is amazing how many topics he would cover in his works. Let me mention just the titles of some of them: “The Meaning of Christianity in the Formation of Elementary Education”, “Characteristic Features of Secondary Education in England”, “The Tragedy of Gogol’s Life”, “About Children’s Lies”, “Parents’ Responsibility to Their Children.”

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