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Цырлина Т.В. [about]
Новый номер журнала юбилейный. Страшно подумать, но нам уже 10, а за плечами поиск своей собственной тематики, собственных авторов и читателей. На этом пути есть несомненные достижения, но еще многому предстоит научиться. И поскольку мы так молоды, то многие вещи с нами происходят впервые. Вот и сейчас мы впервые посвящаем весь номер журнала публикациям, основанным на выступлениях российских и американских ученых и практиков в ходе прошедшего в г. Курске в марте 2012 года семинара по проблемам специального образования. Собрать по-настоящему большую и представительную американскую делегацию было бы практически невозможно, если бы не помощь коллег по ту и другую сторону океана.
Dear friends, colleagues, and readers of the journal
Цырлина Т.В. [about]
This new issue is very special – it is already No.10. It is hard to believe, and it feels like we started just yesterday but we have already walked a long way trying to find challenging topics and creative authors, although we are still quite young and open for new knowledge and new approaches. Due to our young age many things are new for us. For example, for the first time we are giving all the journal space to the proceedings of the Russian-American seminar that was held in March 2012 in Kursk, Russia, and was devoted to the topic of special education. To bring to Russia a large group of academics and practitioners from this field sounds next to impossible, and we have managed only due to an incredible help and support from both nations. This is why I will start with words of gratitude – to Professor Melinda Pierson, Head of Special Education Department, California State University Fullerton, and to her faculty members Dr. Debra Cote and Dr. Vita Jones, to the most active supporter of the journal and president of AMERUS Ltd Jack Mc Gurgan, a specialist in the field with over 30 years of experience Kathy Cioffi, to an editorial board member Professor Ginger MacDonald, Associate Vice Chancellor, University of Washington Tacoma, and to a manager at a unique facility for adults with special needs Deb Doornenbal.

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