Volume: 3, Issue: 1


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Письмо к читателям
Цырлина Т.В. [about]
Не могу не похвастаться – интерес к журналу продолжает активно расти, и на сегодняшний день его читают жители 90 стран из всех уголков Земли. Это, конечно, замечательно, но еще и очень волнующе, так как накладывает дополнительный груз ответственности на редакционный совет. Что ни говорите, а наш «продукт» открыт теперь практически всему миру.
A Letter to the Readers
Цырлина Т.В. [about]
I am very happy to present our March, 2011 issue which focuses on some of the challenges and achievements that both Russian and American educators face in the important but always difficult field of special education. It’s hard to say why, but this topic has been the “hottest” yet for our young journal – in terms of attracting a large number of responses and interesting papers of both a theoretical and practical nature. For that reason, this issue will provide you with descriptions of diverse approaches to the education of children and young adults with special needs. You will find articles about limited abilities students who are “included” in regular schools and classes together with their healthy peers as well as articles about unique institutions specifically designed for them.

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